Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant

Time is a luxury that not many business owners and entrepreneurs can afford. Being constantly occupied with running a business as well keeping it in accordance with all the latest trends and changes can become weary and is extremely time-consuming so it is only natural to find that desire rising up within you to offload and empty your plate up a bit. But just like time is a luxury, so is money, especially for startups and entrepreneurs who have to keep a watchful eye over every pretty penny they spend.  However, the intense urge to delegate and offload is only natural, and in fact essential for your business to flourish. This is where a virtual assistant comes in. A virtual assistant can be a time and cost-effective solution to all your aforementioned problems!

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a perfect aid, with a variety of skill sets, who you only have to pay for the hours they actually work for you and you do not even have to provide an office or infrastructure for them as they work remotely! Talk about a dream come true for startups. In the modern-day and age, as time and money become increasingly important luxuries, the virtual assistant industry has boomed and now provides infinite variety when it comes to timings and skills.

Should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant does not mean you cannot do your own job. It’s exactly the same as hiring an in-house assistant or secretary except without the added costs and responsibilities and paperwork. You may be getting all your work done but do you often find yourself missing deadlines or find that the quality of your work is diminishing over time? If you find yourself wondering about these questions as well lacking time, knowledge, or interest, then it may be time to consider outsourcing a virtual assistant. In order to achieve your personal and professional goals, this chance at outsourcing might be exactly what you need! It might be that as your business grows into something bigger you need a mini you to share responsibilities with, or the day never seems long enough to get all your tasks done, or you’re overbooked and missing appointments and meetings, or you might even have been turning away work because you simply just do not have the time and sources to dedicate to another client right now.

These are all signs your business and life are handing to you as a wake-up call that you need some assistance to cope with the upcoming load! And who can be better at providing assistance than a virtual assistant whose bread and butter depend on satisfying you?

Is it worth it?

You might find yourself asking right now, “Though is it worth it?” Well, in turn, I would like to ask you if at times (or most of the times!) you find yourself so deeply engrossed in minute tasks that the true gold mine tasks, that are essential for the growth and prosperity of your business, are getting neglected and piling up on the desk one after another? If the answer to this question is yes then my answer to your question is this: Yes it is definitely worth it! Collaborating with a VA really can be a pivotal moment for you and your business’s journey. They support you helping lighten the load, so that you can focus on areas you enjoy, excel in, and that ultimately helps build your business. We prominently work with small business owners but no matter what your business size you can benefit.

Let’s face it, my beloved reader if you spend all your time focusing on teeny tiny tasks that can be easily handled by someone else, who is going to focus on building and growing your business? Who is going to fuel your business and lead it towards the prosperity you had always imagined for your brain-child?

The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant comes with many benefits for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to nourish and grow their business into something they had always dreamed of. With flexible working timings (which suit your needs!) and reduced costs (no taxes or office costs), a virtual assistant is a golden egg. We all want it and lucky for us, unlike the golden egg, there are enough for all of us!

But money is not the only reason you should be outsourcing to a VA! I mean sure it is wonderful putting the hard-earned pennies to good use and only paying for the actual time the VA invests in working for you but another added bonus is the enormous variety of skills and years of experience a virtual assistant brings with them.

They can be your closest and most trusted ally in this war to establish themselves in this truly competitive market. Hiring is a virtual assistant is also more reliable as there will never be issues like commuting or arriving on time – all issues you will most probably face with an in-house secretary or assistant. Moreover, a virtual assistant can help reduce your pressure by assisting with day to day tasks, giving you the opportunity to venture outwards and give undivided attention to the growth of your business, relationships, and sales.

Variety of packages and options

Now if you’ve been with me so far in reading this article, by this point you’re probably wondering that this sounds too good to be true. And you’re probably thinking, “Hey what’s the catch? A virtual assistant must cost an arm and a leg for all this to be true!” And you are right to have your suspicions and wonder how much this amazing and unrelenting support costs!

Well, I am here to tell you that virtual assistants understand that no two business relationships are the same and that every business, whether a long time established one or a startup, works as unique as their owner and this is why virtual assistants (or the companies managing them) provide plenty of options and you are free to choose the one most appealing and feasible to you. One of the most popular packages and you have probably heard of this if you’ve even researched VAs a tiny bit, is the Retainer packages. This is an hourly based package that charges you for every hour invested in your tasks down to the closest minute. Another particular service that VAs offer is bespoke packages which is usually an area they are experienced and specialize in.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the cost of a virtual assistant such as the level of experience you require, the number of tasks/projects you plan to outsource, what kind of skills you require, etc. These all decide as a bunch how big a hole you need to dig in your pocket for your VA.

The do’s and don’ts

Just like every working relationship has its do’s and don’ts, so does your relationship with your virtual assistant. When working with your VA you need to put your utmost trust in them as any virtual assistant worth their salt knows the significance of thoroughly researching their tasks before actually working on them. If they require clearer instructions from you, they will not hesitate to ask.

But in order to achieve the desired results, it is also a responsibility you share equally with your VA to provide the clearest possible instructions. Also when assigning projects to ensure to clarify to your VA the order of priority of tasks and they can deliver the work in the order that suits you and your business best. However, what you must avoid doing is micromanaging your virtual assistant. The whole purpose (or at least a huge part of the purpose) of outsourcing to a VA is to free up your time and micromanaging defeats that exact purpose.

Moreover, VAs are professionals who are used to working on projects independently and these are the circumstances they work best in. Don’t ignore your VA. Communication is key and although you don’t want to be constantly messaging back and forth, keeping in contact can help. A regular phone call and emails allow you to keep track of tasks delegated, also giving the VA a chance to suggest other ways to save you time.


Now my opinion might not be objective – as I am the one who has been trying to convince you about the greatness of virtual assistants, but I truly believe that outsourcing to a VA might be a greater advantage than given credit for. Maybe go down a rabbit hole while researching on Google and you might just end up agreeing with me! Talk to people who have tried and tested the virtual assistant industry and read the testimonials from their clients and make an informed decision because let’s not forget, outsourcing to a VA might be exactly what you need right now and exactly the step you need to take to fulfill your aspirations of growing your business into the star of the capitalist industrial world.

If you are ready to take the leap and try out what it’s like working with a virtual assistant, please feel free to fill out this consultation form or email us at hello@staffry.com.