Who can Outsource to Virtual Assistants?

A virtual assistant helps entrepreneurs or businesses, whether well-established or startups, using their various skillsets from a remote location hence, cutting down on costs significantly. From scheduling appointments to digital marketing tasks to managing events to personal errands, there is nothing a virtual assistant cannot do! Listed below you’ll find some examples of people or businesses that can take full advantage of the gold mine that is the virtual assistant industry.

Anybody seeking administrative help

Surprise surprise! Virtual assistants can be exactly what the name suggests: Assistants! They can fulfill all the responsibilities that an in-house administrative assistant or secretary can. So if you need to outsource some daily mundane tasks that you as an entrepreneur or business owner are just too busy to do, feel free to dump them on your VA! These tasks can vary from diary management (scheduling meetings and appointments) to answering phone calls from clients to basic data entry to organizing your daily to-do list to updating your calendar to booking travel arrangements.

Content writers

In recent years content writing has launched and set itself on the top of the digital marketing ladder. Any large corporation can be seen doling out blog posts (exactly like this one!) on a daily basis and the reason for that is the boost these articles provide when it comes to search engine optimization. If you have a virtual assistant to oversee this process then this might just be the best digital marketing decision you can make as an entrepreneur for a newly established business or startup. Moreover, content creation is not as easy and as simple as it sounds! It requires a bunch of specific tasks like researching, finding and editing images, uploading articles on your blog, etc. This is why it might just be a good idea to outsource these tasks to a virtual assistant. It’s your choice whether you wish to outsource auxiliary tasks like image selection or uploading articles or whether you entrust them with the whole process. But as a content creator, you might find that outsourcing to a virtual assistant not only takes a huge load off your plate but also ensures a better quality of material with more time dedicated to each task. After all attention to detail is the key to the treasure chest of content creation!

Real estate agent/broker

As the real estate industry booms so does the competition. In order to stay ahead of your competition, there is a lot you need to manage like open houses, content creation, advertisements, social media, etc. It is highly possible that you might be having a difficult time accommodating all these minute (but essential!) tasks in your extremely busy schedule as you work on building your real estate empire. So I have an easy fix for that problem for you! Outsource all these tasks (content creation, organizing open houses, social media, etc.) to your very own virtual assistant. An added advantage of that might just be the fact that outsourcing all these various tasks to just one person ensures that each piece of content has a personal touch and the quality is maintained throughout.

Anybody who needs a hand managing their finances/taxes

Some virtual assistants, ideally, might have the exact skill set you need to do your taxes and manage your accounting as a small business owner or entrepreneur. But even if they cannot do that you will find that they can definitely help you manage your finances. If you need help maintaining your budget, making purchases, or keeping track of your expenses to ensure transparency regarding your finances, a virtual assistant is a god-send! Not only will all these help your small business grow but also avoid the eleventh-hour rush once you finally need to pay your taxes as all your financial affairs will already be in order!

Marketing companies/departments

The most important tool when it comes to marketing for ANY business, product, or service is social media. In today’s world, your company’s or client’s social presence might just be the deciding factor of their success. It is where potential customers notice and engage with you and in order to appear connected and in tune with potential customers it is essential to maintain your social media. Now if you can afford to hire a whole marketing team, be my guest! But that is a luxury most entrepreneurs or small businesses might not be able to afford. And the simplest solution to that is outsourcing your marketing tasks to your VA. Outsource all and any tasks including creating content to share over various social media accounts, scheduling posts, engaging and replying to followers, analyzing statistics and reports, etc. So whether you are a new business, an entrepreneur, or a for-hire marketing company, you can outsource to professional virtual assistants to handle macro-level social media tasks for you.


What any growing company needs is substantial research about potential clients, product lines, services, etc. Without these, a company might find itself lost with no idea how to achieve its potential growth. However, a business owner cannot spend their precious time (that they should be using to grow their business) on research! When it comes to research you will need a dedicated person who specializes in data crunching and in the huge pool of virtual assistants, you’ll probably find plenty that fit the bill! An ideal research-based VA will be able to keep track of competitors’ products and services, analyze consumer trends, find a format for press releases, screen applications for any affiliate program, etc. All this is an enormous amount of research! So the question isn’t what you can outsource to your virtual assistant but the question is why are you not outsourcing all this research to a VA?

Customer service providers

When it comes to the growth of the virtual assistant industry, customer service is one of the first and most major contributors. And it makes complete sense too! It is not a difficult task to follow a script provided to you, especially once you understand what a company offers. This is something VAs can easily handle. So feel free to outsource all your customer service interactions to a virtual assistant and sit back and relax while they handle the customers!

A doctor/lawyer/event manager/ literally any professional

All busy professionals know that to build any business or positive reputation in the profession you need to handle clients, reply to emails, set up appointments, cancel appointments, take notes, etc. The list could go on forever! And all these tasks through individually might not take up much time but they do have a tendency to build up and then seem impossible to cover!

So simply outsource these mundane tasks to a virtual assistant of your choosing, with a huge variety of skill set and you can focus on healing your patients or building up the perfect defense for your client, or throwing the perfect party! Just outsource and watch the magic happen!

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